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Core to the operation and impact of NZFN is the support our key partners who span the private, social and government sectors.

NZFN proudly works side by side with the Ministry of Social Development, Aotearoa Food Rescue Alliance, and Kore Hiakai Zero Hunger Collective to help build the capacity and capability of foodbanks, food rescues and food services in an effort to prevent good food going to waste and reducing food insecurity in NZ.

Current Key Partners

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Recognising that some of the product they were receiving was still perfectly safe to eat, Enviro NZ approached NZFN to form a partnership and the People + Planet initiative was created.

Typically, food businesses working with Enviro NZ are keen to send as little to landfill as possible, so any product Enviro NZ receives that is still fit for consumption is forwarded on to NZFN to be redistributed throughout the community. Product that can’t be redistributed is transformed by Enviro NZ into compost or repurposed for stock feed or vermiculture, and packaging is recycled, so it can have a second life.

In-kind Partners

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    Enviro NZ volunteers in the NZFN office wearing branded T-shirts.
    Enviro NZ volunteers in the NZFN office wearing branded T-shirts.