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The facts about food waste...
  • Globally an estimated one third of all the food we produce is lost or wasted between farm and fork each year. That’s 1.3 billion tonnes of food that is never eaten.
  • 9% of New Zealand’s biogenic methane emissions and 4% of our total greenhouse gas emissions are from food and organic waste. Reducing food waste helps lower our greenhouse gas emissions, including emissions in the food production process, as well as emissions from the decomposition of food waste in landfill.
  • One in five children in New Zealand live in households experiencing moderate to severe food insecurity. Redistributing good quality, surplus food to those who need it can have a positive impact on food security and community resilience. Business and households can save money, through better resource efficiency and planning.


Food Hub Survey


increase in the number of people the Food Hubs are supporting since Covid began


people per month receiving food through Food Hubs


of Food Hubs are feeding more people than at the start of 2020


of the Food Hubs' overall food volumes are provided by NZFN (on average)

This is 80-100% of their stock for some recipients

3.4 / 5

Food Hubs current rating of ability to meet demand

The impact that our donors have in thecommunity...


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