NZFN staff member holding a 'thank you' sign next to a pallet of donated food.

Food Donor Spotlight – Champion Flour

“NZFN provides Champion with a simple procedure for identifying, allocating and delivering surplus stock. A list is submitted to NZFN, who respond on the same day with stock requirements. Picking, collection and deliveries are then organised for the next day. Since Champion store much of their product with external logistics providers, a rapid turnaround saves on storage costs and maximises the shelf life of donated products”
– Ray Te Whiu (Supply Chain Manager, Champion Flour)

Champion Flour joined NZFN as a Food Donor in September 2021. Since then they have donated over 14,000 kilos of food including a great variety of frozen pastry’s and croissants. In May 2021 NZFN appointed a new Director to the NZFN Board, Ray Te Whiu. Ray is Supply Chain Manager at Champion Flour and was instrumental in driving the partnership with NZFN. We asked Ray why Champion Flour decided to partner with NZFN and what challenges we are helping them to address.

What motivated you to partner with NZFN?

Operating constraints such as batch sizes, safety stocks and seasonal campaigns like Easter, Ramadan and Diwali, mean that Champion can have surplus product. The most effective way for Champion to manage this surplus is through donations to Kiwis in need. However, we historically struggled to donate product due to the limited storage capacity of existing charity providers. In 2020, we spoke to Sophie Percy (NZFN Relationship Manager) who explained the origins and role of NZ Food Network within the community. This gave us the solution we were looking for.